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Being One of the Best Drives Kensi Gounden

September 15, 2018
Back when Kensi Gounden formed the Kensi Gounden Law Corporation in 2011, he wanted to establish a great firm with a strong reputation, and that has happened. He has run that firm the whole time. From that base, he has served as general counsel to a major regulatory agency under the British Columbia Health Professions Act. He has provided advice and counsel to boards of directors and senior management in a number of companies, helping them develop and implement the best and most compliant solutions to common problems, including policies and procedures that comply with relatively new and constantly evolving legislation regarding workplace harassment and bullying.

Kensi Gounden

Kensi Gounden has a great reputation as a pragmatic decision-maker and a strategic thinker, and with good reason. So far, he has more than 25 years’ experience as an attorney and a professional manager. His career experience has served to transform Kensi into someone who is considered both conscientious and effective when it comes to discovering and implementing the best ways to operate any organization. His goal is always to work closely with the staff at whichever organization he finds himself, to discover and implement the most effective and efficient operations possible.

Of course, Kensi Gounden has a lot more than experience, he also has plenty of education to keep him centered. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry, which he earned from the University of Alberta in 1985, and of course, he has a Law Degree from the University of Calgary, which he received in 1990. He passed his Bar Admission Course from the Law Society of British Columbia in 1991.