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Kensi Gounden and Law Society of British Columbia Serve Clients

September 15, 2018
Over the past two decades, at least since 1998, Kensi Gounden has worked with the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC), the group that properly regulates more than 13,000 lawyers all over the province. That means, they ensure that all lawyers treat clients right. As manager of the Department of Practice Standards, Kensi has led teams in the strategic planning and change management processes and he has played a critical role in the development of performance standards that are designed to lead to better monitoring of performance standards.

Kensi Gounden

Through his work, Kensi Gounden has played a critical role in altering the Practice Standards Department's approach to regulatory issues, moving them away from a reactive approaching in the direction of a more proactive stance. Kensi also took a lead role in the implementation of such an approach in development of the Department's overall strategic plan. Thanks to that, the Department is better able to identify regulatory concerns and problems before they arise, which makes them more effective. They are now required to work directly with many stakeholders to develop mandatory professional development standards for lawyers.

While the idea of expansive standards is quite controversial and difficult under the best conditions, with Kensi Gounden’s leadership, they managed to establish to develop Canada’s first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for lawyers, as well as online mandatory courses for sole practitioners and small firm lawyers. The latter won several international awards. Thus far, it seems that Kensi Gounden's stewardship of the Practice Standards Department has been very successful.